Best Female Artists

Beyonce Knowles
Alicia Keys
Christina Aguilera
Kelly Clarkson

These above women are the voices I picked that are the best in MY opinion. These women have amazing lyrics && top-charted songs. They are inspiring to all people, especially fans. Wouldn't you agree these women have the best voices? Haters, fall back because these women are true stars! Gotta love them;]]]]


confessing7girl said...

totally agree!!! u know beyonce just performed in portugal yesterday!!! it was like the event of the month!!!!!!!!

Jewel Rays said...

Indeeds. I Agree with ya list as well. Alicia Keys that lady has got the edge in singing at times.

nice stuff..Lurve da pic.


Rajeev said...

I agree with u but instead of Christina i wud prefer Olivia Newton! :)

peace & love

soul&body said...

yape!!!! i agree too!!!
christina has a gerat voice!!! i like thet music hurt:)

singleton said...

That would be the perfect Five!

angry ballerina said...

Whaaaat about Billie Holiday?

soul&body said...

u have been tagged!! lol see how in my blog

Pankaj Gupta said...
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Andrew The Asshole said...

They are some of the best entertainers. Of course this list is made up of no fact base...ie record sales, income, most mag covers

so basically we could have called the post "Which Female Artist I Like the Best"

`NEFTY said...

@ confessing-g
Cool. I never saw her in real life though, but I still love her music lol.

@ jewel
Haha, gotta love Alicia Keys!

@ rajeev
Hmmm, I never heard of her! Lol.

@ soul
I like that song too:] She has an amazing voice. Btw, I will do your tag in a couple of days.

@ singleton
Thanks:] I agree too haha.

@ ballerina
Never heard of her...? Lol.

@ panjak
Yeah... Bye.

@ andrew
Basically, I stated it was MY opinion so get your facts right before you tell me all that. Oh, && guess what!? This is my blog, so don't tell me what to do homie.

shnaggy said...

yep i love their songs and voices too!!!

curryegg said...

Gosh! I totally love their voice! And I've been adoring Christina A, Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Key for a long long time. How about MAriah Carey?

phoenix said...

hey i agree 2..:) nice list!

KAYLEE said...


Shai said...

I guess because I am older I have a dif list and the newer singers would not be on it. Mary J, Phyllis Hyman, Anita Baker, and so many more.

Jewel Rays said...

Hi nefty,

The tag is done. Its up.;)


Lady Godiva said...

Christinaz and beyoncez voices are superb!!

angry ballerina said...


annulla said...

'Nefty, I am shocked that you don't know Billie Holliday. One of the best singers (many people would say THE best singer) in the history of the world. Seriously.

She had a way of singing that no one else has ever been able to duplicate, and she put her whole soul - all the pain, all the hurt, all the joy and all the love - into every song she sang. Tragically, she died far, far too soon. I agree with Angry Ballerina - google her and learn about another one of the all-time greats.

Pankaj Gupta said...
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Michelle said...

cudn agree more...all 5 are my favourites =)

btw my new url is www.and-all-that-jazz1.blogspot.com

`NEFTY said...

@ shnaggy
Me too:] Wgich I guess is why I listed them!

@ curryegg
I hate her:]

@ pheonix
Thanks hun.

@ kaylee
Thank you, thank you.

@ shai
Sure, Blidge is good.

@ jewel

@ lady
True, that's why I had to mention them:]

@ angry

@ annu
*Yawn* Thanks for your comment...

@ pankaj
I do not want to meet you in real life! O_o

@ michelle
Ok, I'll change your link:] Btw, my favorites too lol.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I like Christina and Beyonce. I used to like Alicia Keys. Christina has an amazing voice.