Second Tag

Rules Are:
* each blogger starts with eight - ten random facts/habits about themselves…* people who are tagged need to write posts in their own blog about the tag and post these rules…* at the end of your post, you need to choose people to get tagged and list their names… *

1. My eyes change colors.
2. I don't like to sleep with socks on.
3. I have never watched an Oprah show before.
4. I love Converse.
5. My big addiction is chocolate.
6. I mainly hang-out with boys (long story).
7. It takes me forever to fall asleep.
8. I love hardcore rap music.
9. I love Spongebob!
10.My mood varies constantly.

&& I tag anyone who's intersted in doing this=P
I don't know who to pick lol.

Tagged by: Soul&Body


Vanishree's Corner said...

Hi, I like your blog. If you are interested in link exchange than please visit http://vanishreerajamarthandan.blogspot.com/ and leave comment.
Happy blogging :)

confessing7girl said...

hey 8facts more about u!!! humm its hard for me to fall asleep too!!!

angry ballerina said...

Yea Sponge Bob! Aaaaaand this is where my street cred dies.

MeMyself_n_I said...

never seen oprah??? :-o


love spongebob too!

Priyanka Sarkar said...

nice one thr nefty!!

SJ said...

#1 really? they do? Cool.

Poo said...

Hi Nefty how are you ?

""'My mood varies constantly""" mine 2

soul&body said...

my mood changes always too :P:P:P:P
thanks :D
and my ears are sensitive to the sound to fall asleep :P

Princess Banter said...

OMG -- I love spongebob and converse too!!!

curryegg said...

Nice to know more about u. haha.. And hey? Izzit true? your eyes can change colour? Izzit because of the colorful contact lenses?
Geee... hehe... :D

Evil Spock said...

I answered your last tag. It's in the Meme-morial day post.

`NEFTY said...

@ vanishree
Thanks, I feel special=P But I don't "link exchange" unless your'e a constant reader then you'll be linked. So, sorry, no.

@ confessing-g
Actually 10 lol.

@ angry
Yeah, (some) people can't believe I watch cartoons:]]

@ me-i
Hahaha, never! Don't ask, I just find talk shows boring...lol.

@ priyanka

@ sj
Yeah, my eyes are hazel. I'll post some pictures of me soon.

@ poo & soul
Heys Poo:]
Anyways, yes but not because I'm moody...=P

@ banter
Yeah, rock on! Sike... But I do like these things.

@ curryegg
No, I don't wear contacts... My eyes are hazel && they like to change from light-brown, to green, to light-green, to yellow... Lol.

@ spock
Okay, I'll check it out.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Yeah, I'm not good at tagging people. I like this one. But every time I think of a tag, I end up bitching about something, like Bush and the war...yeah, I have terrible insomnia. Sucks.

Shai said...

I will say I love Hello Kitty. LOL.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I'm going to do this tag.