God is to Blame!

"...Lord I don't cry no more
Don't look to the sky no more
Have mercy on me
Have mercy on my soul
Somewhere my heart turned cold
Have mercy on many men..."

I believe in God. I believe that there is a Lord watching us. However, I don't appreciate the fact when people blame things on God... Life is life, deal with it. Noone is to blame for anything, things just happen, even on purpose. Then they start saying a whole bunch of bull like, "God hates me!" or "There is no God because He would not have let this happen!" Blaming God, whether you believe in Him or not, it's not solving anything, just giving you someone to blame all the flaws in the world. It's pointless to me because, we are in control of our lives. I say we have a "path" && throughout the path, it's not always going to be smoothe. We only have ourselves to blame because we chose the path. In my beliefs, God doesn't "hate" anyone even if your life is rough. Keep your head up throughout life!


KAYLEE said...
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KAYLEE said...

WOW I so agree here.Everyonr likes to blame god or someone else when they make a mistake and I dont understand why just admit that you made a mistake and move on:]

shnaggy said...

ahhhhmmm...guilty!!! yeah there are times i try to question god. but only because i know after all the blaming he would answer.

i am so back nefty. sorry for being away so long. i blame my internet provider...heheh...not god...

i miss you all guys... see yah!!!

Sweetstickychewy said...

This post is pretty hot. Love it! Its V. true.

***"...Lord I don't cry no moreDon't look to the sky no moreHave mercy on meHave mercy on my soulSomewhere my heart turned coldHave mercy on many men..."

Ya know. i kinda do feel that statement there. Besides, i love the way you go about posting ya post. Enlarging some words, colouring them red and stuff. Its juz so original. Keep rocking.:)

AVIANA said...


interesting post.....

welcome! thanks for passing by!

always cool to meet new folks here!

well, good u don't know half of the artists i mentioned...you learned something new and hopefully you'll enjoy them..they are not typical especially in america pop mainstream....

those who blame god for the bad are also the same who are told to blame god for everything...they are the ones told that everythign comes from god....so wouldn't it make sense to blame god for the bad? hmm

just my thoughts!


choochoo said...

Better to focus on all the little things that go right than the stuff that sucks. Cause life enjoys sucking from time to time. That's just the way it works.

Prashant said...

I agree.

Smiles :)

Evil Spock said...

Evil Spock blames gnomes. Gnomes cause all the world's ills.

Michelle said...

agree with you completely...there used to be a time when i used to blame god for things not going my way...but i realised that ups and downs are a part and parcel of life from which we gotta learn...

`NEFTY said...

@ kaylee, shnag, sweet
Thanks for the comments.

@ aviana
True. However if this person was grown religious, he/she knows that everything happens for a reason, whether is be the Lord's fault or someone else.

@ choo, prash, spock
Thanks for the comments.

@ mich
&& I admit the fact to that I wonder on my sorrow times if it was God's fault, I even blamed Him for all my mishapps at times. && absolutely felt wrong when I realized just what you said, there will always be ups/downs in life.

KAYLEE said...


soul&body said...

i liked very much your post, its so true, when things happen it has got a meaning about that! always!!!
you must deal with! you must be brave when u fall.
and by the way why do u have in your avatar "loser"? u r not a loser!!!! ok?
a hug

MeMyself_n_I said...

omg that is so true!!!! why the hell do people blame god and/or circumstances whenever anything goes wrong? take it in your stride n move on and accept the fact that u must've screwed up somewhere.

and it can't always be all rosy and happy now can it?

angry ballerina said...

I blame it on the crack.

Shai said...

Good post. Charge me guilty for blaming/being mad at God. I am learning.

curryegg said...

I'm totally agreeing with you..
I believe in the apperance of God and I hate people who blame on God for their wrongs. This is wrong!

`NEFTY said...

@ kay & soul
Thanks for the comments.

@ me-i
Definitly, life isn't easy like that! You said it girl lol.

@ angry & shai
Thanks for the comments.

@ curry
Yup, definitly wrong... Noone is to blame, especially not God.

Sweetstickychewy said...

Nefty i remembered the comment on ya blog on how i seem a little like someone i know. Is it Jewel Rays? Cause if its her. Than i am the same person.

Ya comment popped in my mind out of the blue this morning and tot i should let u know.:)


`NEFTY said...

@ sweet

Sweetstickychewy said...

;) Thanks