Nefty sends this message to the women out there in a commited relationship;;; Don't ever let your life be controlled by your man! I don't give a smack if you are in love, marriage... Whatever it is, keep your head up && live your life because it being controlled... Well that's not your life! I'm sending this out to you girls because I saw some shows where women are desperate to be out of controlled relationships && it's horrible what shizz they're going through. Their "lover" making them prostitute, they're abusing them mentally && physically, having them be a "slave"...etc! Ladies, don't let your man run your life. Be in control. Now, guys, don't think I'm telling them to dominate, but I am telling them to have some control because men shouldn't dominate either.


angry ballerina said...

Good advice, hard to follow. For some. Did you draw your name on your cheek?!

curryegg said...

You're totally tight nefty. We shouldn't just let men or our man controlling us even now or in the future. We should be strong!
And nice display picture of yours. You look pretty..
Have a nice day... :)

Princess Banter said...

I soooooo totally agree sister! Never ever ever in any circumstance let anyone -- especially a man -- control your life unless you wanna see your life totally fcked upside down. Easier said than done though... but not impossible!

Neo said...

i'm on ur side evn though I am a guy. girls dnt let him lead....guys dnt let her follow. walk together in life.

daman kohli said...

i to take ur point of view ,that both should give equal space to each other ,i am doing it ,hope others will do so

kaylee said...

GREAT ADVICE!I totally agree!I dont let anyone control my life.If they want to give me suggestions to live a better one I will consider them but,I NEVER let they determine how I live my life.

Jewel Rays said...

Gosh felt like u said it right. Its crazy how we all entagled sometimes..

`NEFTY said...

@ angry
Yeah, for some... Hopefully they will keep their head up though. Anyways, no, not literally; with paint ms. Did that because bitches like to jock my pictures.

@ curry
I know I'm right lol=P Btw, thanks:]

@ banter
"Easier said than done though... but not impossible. TRUE!

@ neo
"Walk together in life." TRUE:]

@ damon
I hope that too:]

@ kaylee
Definitly. && that determine part, keep that in mind in case someone tries to bring you down.

@ jewel
Yep, && I hope this doesn't happen to you because all girls are worth more than being slaves.

Ricardo said...

I'm glad you said this as I've seen too many of my female friends stuck in this rut. From now on I'm going to send them to this blog post so your words can set them straight.

It's got to be an equal opportunity venture for both people. It should never be about controling another person.

soul&body said...

I agree completly with you but there is also women that do the same!!!!

so dont let them control you! that can became an obcession!!

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angry ballerina said...

It's all a life lesson. I like the new pic, fuck em all

`NEFTY said...

@ ric
Definetly. Noone should be in complete control.

@ soul
Blesses to you too girl.

@ angry
I like yours too! We both updated our shit=P

Jewel Rays said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jewel Rays said...

So far been hanging there alright.There is only a limit to oppression. Anything more than that would evoke a roar to change the direction. No one likes being changed to a leash like a dog. A limit to everything.

confessing7girl said...

women power... they cant control us if we stay faithful to ourselves !!!

choochoo said...

I agree 100%. I also have way too much stuff on my list of things to do to make time for one, which might be why I'm single. Lol.

Evil Spock said...

A whole lot of estrogen in here. Evil Spock is just going to slowly back out of the room.

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

'nefty. I think its fair to say that relationships should be balanced, no matter what. Its dangerous when it tilts to one side and stays there no matter what the gender is

Epsilonicus said...

Good advice for the ladies

Shamash said...

thats a nce comment for all the women ou there

singleton said...

You always manage to say such BIG things with just a few words! Control, like jealousy and hatred, is a poisen....

`NEFTY said...

@ jewel & confess-g
Thanks for the thoughts, girls.

@ choochoo
You can't help but be busy so don't worry. Eventually when your schedule is more loose, let the dating begin!;]

@ evil spock
I guess someone disagrees.

@ epsilonicus & shamash
Thanks for the comment guys.

@ singleton
Well I don't like long posts because noone wants to read them, they just skim through && don't know what I'm talking about.

Ron Bramlett said...

I'm with Neo. Nice post.

`NEFTY said...

@ ron

Johnny Ong said...

hav u seen a wife dominating a husband until he doesnt voice out his choices?

there are extremes in both cases. knew of many couples who are having nice marriage life.