A Cruel Age

Now this is rather weird but I don't, won't, can't, couldn't, wouldn't... Date any guy younger than me. I call this the "cruel age" because guys say I'm being mean && what not. Fact is, I just don't understand why I personally won't date younger guys (I never have either).
To me, it's okay if a guy dates a girl younger but I don't like it when girls date men younger than them... Ironic, huh!? Not even just 1 year younger than me!!! Like I said, I don't know why I choose this but I guess I just feel too mature (regardless if he is more mature than me), I also feel like he can't handle me (don't ask), && it's just awkward... To me. What do you girls, or guys, think?


Barbara said...

i add you in my links ok?! take care ;)

SJ said...

I would date an older girl but she has to something special. And it's your choice you don't have to explain yourself.

Bullshee said...

This is an easy question to answer!

It's biological.

It's a common known fact that girls mature faster than boys[physically and biologically].....

So when u date a guy, you're lookin for an older guy who's as mature as you!

Remember when you were a senior at college?would you date a freshman?No way!Coz Freshman were immature nutcases[we were all freshmen at some point of time-so no offence meant to any freshmen out there].

So-there's your answer-biology.

[shit!how did i know that?!my weekly readings still show 'minimal brain activity'!!! ;) ]

Jewel Rays said...

hmm.. i once thought i would never date a younger guy too. I had the same perception of them being too immature. I surprised myself when i actually date one. And honestly he was one of the best guys. He was more matured given his age. We were not too far apart though. Probs nine months to a year.

However, i wonder if i would date a young guy again though after meeting a few men older than me. I guess time i will tell and moments will embrace the fact.

Nice one Nefty. i love ya style of blogging. Its ya attraction

Keep rocking lady;D


Prashant said...

Its your choice , your thinking, your wish ...means whole lot is yours to think wat u wanna do and wat you dont wanna......
Nothing is right or wrong , everything is relative........

My Way : I dont believe in number theory.

Smiles :)

MeMyself_n_I said...

hmm i think i'd be okay with dating a younger guy, but not too young. maybe a couple of years at the most.

Evil Spock said...

Wait, how old are you? You look like a young twenties. So are you talking about not dating like 15 year olds? If thats true, that would be a good policy, since its illegal in most states.

dc_speaks said...

wow..great topic post.

I have a range for dating...X amount of years up and down.

As I approach 40. I suppose the age thing doesn't makes nearly as much difference as it used to.

when I was 20, I wouldnt have dated a girl 15. But when I was 35---I dated a woman that was 30.

I guess as you get older the age thing is relative.

Be how you like.

Question: how would you feel if you were 60 and your dude was 57?

Have a great day. Good post again!!

`NEFTY said...

@ barbara
Yay me!

@ sj
I know, I was just stating a point.

@ bullshee
I know all that, about girls maturing quicker && what not.
But yeah, totally good example about a freshman && a senior hahaha:]]]]

@ jewel
Maybe I, too, will change my mind about this when I fall in love with a young-ish guy! But um... Maybe I'm being to personal because I hope I'm not giving anyone thoughts that my blog is like a dating thingy where I want to meet the perfect guy here or something! O_o

@ prashant
I know, I'm just stating a point... Anyways, I don't believe in age to be a big deal, I say it just says the number of years you have lived! I just won't date the younger men...

@ me-i

@ spock
I'm 95 years old hehehehehe:]]]]

@ dc
Thank you, I don't want to bore my readers;]] Oh && I wouldn't feel anything I guess if I wa sin love, I just wouldn't wanna be 57 with an 80 year old!

YAZMAR said...

I dont ever want to date a man younger than myself....never works. Always some drama it seems with the younger folk....lol so I dont see myself EVER getting involved with youngsters

Aditi said...

i agree i am kinda like that too but

Andrew The Asshole said...

ha ha I never date younger than me!!!! ten years doesn't intimidate me at all. Frankly I feel that i don't have anything in common with people my own age and would never seriously date them.

But there are plenty of women that think like you and maybe in my older age I would need a little comic relief from youngin'

Most women are more mature then the average guy. Thats if you are average... and of course all you women are saying you are above average, but let realistic there are exceptions to all the rules.

Priyanka Sarkar said...

thts a rather out-of-the blue ish thought!!!
but i think its abt ur own perception.:)

Poo said...

Hey sweets

I dont think there is anything wrong in dating some one who is younger to me. Opinion differs and totally respect ur's.


I am just removing access from my blog for some time .... Its affecting everything in my offc and even my appraisal.

People just make fun of me and my feelings and whatever i have written there. And i cant take it dam anymore. They have no other thing to talk about except my Blog. And my friends gossip. Can you imagine how sick of them.And i dont know how did they come to know about my blog.

Nyways just for few days till they dont shut there mouth.

I know i should not do it. But i really dont know what else to do.

I will always be around here . No matter what you will see a my comments here every time.

TC sweets

dc_speaks said...

lol...good answer. I'd have to agree with you on that one. 23 yrs would be an anna nicole smith move...oops did i just say that outloud? oooops

angry ballerina said...

Honey, word of advice, no matter what age they are, your always going to find guys who are dickheads, just bc they get older doesnt mean they smart'n up. There are a lot of great guys out there, treat it like a treasure hunt!!

MzCoko said...

I don't date people younger than me cuz then I get into people that are the same age as my younger brothers and sisters... and that's tragic... but i think as I get older I will (I'm 20)... my mom is 37 and her husband is 29 so i guess as u get older it is less important but as of right now i wont talk to somebody the same age as me really...

Enemy of the Republic said...

It is choice and preference. Some women dig young dudes--yes, there is a biological component, but relationships also are a meeting of the minds and hearts. Personally, I think that you connect with whoever is right for you--some people have great relationships with huge age differences; some cannot. I've been married so long that I suck at this advice. Do what feels right in your heart.

`NEFTY said...

@ yaz
Yeah, sometimes true.

@ aditi
Probably until we fall in love with someone younger than us! But until that, I guess, I won't do so.

@ andrew
I'm above average, not only in the mind.

Which is why I cleary stated it's MY opinion.

@ poo
&& I have the same respect for those that don't agree with me:]
Anyhows, that's so... If I were you, the 1st girl to talk sh** about my blog (that I knew in real life) will get punched right in her mouth. But let me not give you ideas... I say what you did is good but there's nothing "funny" about telling people how you feel && what not so they need to grow up. Also, not to be rude, but start making new friends because these friends you have seem cheesy/phony.

@ dc

@ ballerina
Listen girl, I date... a lot in fact (not recently though). But anyways, I have dated some jerks (a nicer way to call them), I've been around that block. But damned right that no matter how old a man gets, even at age 50, they'll still act like kids:]]

@ enemy
I don't have a heart! Mwhahahaha >:]]
Sike naw (hope I didn't scare you there...), I know that it doesn't matter, I'm just stating my opinion.

Jeya Anand said...

well do dating has anything to do with seniority or age....??
I guess no!!!

soul&body said...

i like the same age, and yes i prefer older than too!! i dont know how to explain too!!! heheheeh but i liked the bullshee explanation :P

Epsilonicus said...

Maybe you like older men because you can put some of the responsibility on them. Just a thought

`NEFTY said...

@ jeya
Did I say it did!? I'm stating a point...(-.-)

@ soul
Yeah his was okay:]

@ ep
Nah, I don't put MY responsibilities on anyone because they're mine:]]]] Appriciated the thought though.

confessing7girl said...

not even the same age!!! i like older sue me!!

Semi-Evil Stranger said...

what if you dated someone who "felt" older (through gloved hands) but turned out to be younger later after you went through his desk and found his real age in his papers ?

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Cause ya psycho. Now quit pretending like you are abnormal and enjoy yaself!!!!

I prefer women with big butts! And big boobs too! Doesn't really make much more sense than your age thing when you think about it.

So go on and stock up on the Geritol and find you an old codger to take it!

`NEFTY said...

@ confessing-g
Me too.

@ semi-evil
Possible but I don't move in with guys like that unless we dated for more than like 2 years.

@ sixty-eight
Shut the fuck up, you don't know me && my life is FUN so don't tell me what I need to do. Btw, I don't give a mother fuck what you like/don't like. GET OFF MY JOCK!