"United we stand,
Divided we fall."

The war in Iraq is devastating. Simple as that. It's just devastating from us losing our people, to losing our friends, family, lovers, sons && daughters... This whole world seems to be on the merge of dying in a nuclear war. Doesn't matter who started it - Iraq or the U.S. About 2,873 of our American soldiers have died && 21,572 have been wounded. On the other hand, the Iraqis have about 71,308 – 77,864 dead. Now don't say "Oh yes, that's a good thing!" IT'S NOT! Since 2,873 American soldiers have died. Imagine it this way, some are your friends, family, kids, spouse/wife! That is dreadful && not a yay. Depressing. I wish the world could come to an agreement, && not the agreement that Osama Bin Laden sent in his tape (find out about it yourself because I'm not mentioning it). If the world was united, there will be no war. If the world was united, no more death upon soldiers. If the world was UNITED... Well that's self explainatory.


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Yep, it would be better, but unfortunatly mankind doesn't have a very good history when it comes to being united. War almost seems to be the netural groundstate of our being, it's like a dog thats only been shown how to do one trick, not even a good one, but keeps doing it over and over anyways.