An Amazing Plant!

This plant is actually ALIVE! I mean, duh, every plant is alive unless it's dead but the plant I'm talking about is the exotic venus fly trap. These plants are so incredible to me, sorry for sounding like a dork lol. Anyhows, I don't want to bore you guys && give you a minituare class about them but from what I read, I will narrow it to this; This remarkable plant actually does catch flies, it's not just a random name. Simply by the plant producing a sweet smell (like sugar) in their mouth, they keep it open && when the fly realizes the sweet smell, they can't resist && rest on it but... SNAP closes the plant's mouth:]] I would love to own one but I need to know more && what not lol. Don't you think this plant is pretty... cool!? Lol.


soul&body said...

heyyyy you changed pic!!! its nice!!!

Rajeev said...

hehe! yeah! I've seen a video of this one loong back when i was in school! :D

peace & love

MeMyself_n_I said...

i've been majorly intrigued by the venus flytrap ever since i was a kid. i used to read up all i could about it.
it's amazing what nature comes up with, no?

SJ said...

Cool aren't they? Cool they are.

Nothingman said...

THAT is, so so so nice....know any place I can get one?



`NEFTY said...

@ soul
Wow, long time ago buddy=P

@ rajeev
Me too && when I remembered I had to write about it here.

@ me-i & sj
Yup, it's cool.

@ nothing
I wish I had one too lol;]

confessing7girl said...

yeahh nature is fascinating!! this plant actually digests the little poor annoying flies!!!!!! love them!!!!!!!

vinay said...

i learned about this when i was in school long back...heard of an another insect eater as well...the pitcher plant!!!

KAYLEE said...

SOunds like a great plant.I too have heard of it:-)

Jewel Rays said...

I know a plants that something like it. Its called Rafflesia. Supposedly one of the hugest flower in the word. The Venus fly trap looks good though.

nice post...lol


curryegg said...

I heard about this too. Wish to see this in real..

singleton said...

here, venus fly traps have been the craze for 30 years....
kind of like incense...
only they don't live that long!

`NEFTY said...

@ confess

@ vinay & kay
Pretty cool, huh!? Lol.

@ jewel
Looked it up, that's crazy, girl! I never heard of it/knew it existed. Thanks for the wrinkle in my brain;]]lol.

@ curry
Me too=P

@ single
I know girl, learned about this longgggg ago lol, I just don't remember much. Especially the fact you told me they live shortly even after the "correct" care?

pinkhippo said...

Goodness, seems like everyone knows about this plant except me.

I need to google this now! LOL