What Happening Person Are You?

Some people make things happen,
Some people watch while things happen,
&& some people wonder, "What happened?"

which type of person are you???


SJ said...

First type in my own life.
Second for the rest of the world
Third for cosmic scale stuff.

Rajeev said...

mez in the last categoy :P

peace & love

Priyanka Sarkar said...

interesting quote!!!!
how did u manage this one??

confessing7girl said...

hummmmmm interesting!! i guess i can be a little bit of all that!!!!! hummm thats making me think!!!!! today im feeling like i can make things happen!!! :D we will see!!:D

Mauro Enrrique... said...

muy bueno este espacio, gracias por el comentario:s aunque todavía dependo de traductores para entender el ingles:S.
Hasta siempre:P

`NEFTY said...

@ sj
Um... what?

@ rajeev

@ priyanka
I didn't make it lol.

@ confessing-girl
Make it happen girl!

@ mauro
De nada...

Jewel Rays said...

I am proceeding to the part that make things happen.


Sharad Mathur said...

i wish i was in that category who make it happen! lols :)


phoenix said...

i hate people who let things happen

recently in my city this girl got insulted and humiliated in a bus....by the driver and conductor..and all the passengers instead of taking her side...they kept mum...poor girl coming back from school..hate such ppl

Enemy of the Republic said...

I try to be the latter, but I am really the former. I'm always starting shit up.

Nati said...

Eso me pregunto yo: ¿¿¿qué sucede????

`NEFTY said...

Thank you all for your comments! I am the 1 who makes sh** happen:]]

Jay said...

More like "...did that just happen? "

singleton said...

That pretty much so summed up the universe! Love it!

Yazi said...

LOL soo true i had a post back in a days something like it
the wandering lost generality who are walking around wondering what happened, hilarious =D

nice blog! tc~/

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

All three at different times for different reasons.

`NEFTY said...

@ jay
Hehehe, yeah that 1 too=P

@ singleton & yazi

@ sixty-eight

Anonymous said...

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